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Brain and Mind Trainer, BS Buster™ Coach, Hypnotherapist,

NeuroFeedBack Practitioner

 I am helping you to stop the anxious thoughts.

We stop at nothing to get the piece of mind.

Brain Training 

If your brain were a car, intelligence would be the horsepower of the motor. You can have a 400-horsepower engine, but if your transmission only has first gear, you can’t take it out on the highway. Transmission is related to the working range of rpm—the level of energy.

 In 18 century the rate of death to mother’s and children during childbirth skyrocketed in Europe and America. This tragedy was something that could have been solved easily...if they knew what was  wrong...and they solved it...decades later. 

Women who would give a birth would die within within 48 hours of child birth.

Uber You Mind Training

A Problem Solving Techniques  


You have specific problem you want to solve? 

Have you decided to deal with it now? 

Breakthrough is a 15 intensive hours of:


  • Solving your most nasty problem

  • Getting to the solutions you want


I am the most straightforward and no BS coach dedicated to helping you drop your anxious thoughts  and worry

so you can have  a piece of mind.




There is absolutely no reason to live with the anxiety and worry.

It is painful, unacceptable and it destroys relationships.


Are you…


  • Someone who feels frustrated and anxious of what people think of you?


  • Someone who promised herself not to get emotional, and over reactive… and blows it every time


  • Someone who has done everything right and you are wondering “How the hell did I get HERE”!



Where do you start?


-    Your Mind. Full Stop.


I was all of those three people.

People say I have changed a lot.

 I look content, calm and easy.

The same people ask me,“What did you do?”


First, I dropped my BS story. I changed my thinking, and habits.

Believe me when I tell you…. it changed a hell of a lot in my world.


-     My behaviour improved tremendously

-     I stopped at least three of my most destructive habits and thought

-     I made a peace with my family members, some friends and most importantly with myself.

It feels incredibly awesome.



Smart behaviour in difficult situations

Self- confidence in all you do 

Respect of other and great relationships



If you have depression and anxious thoughts and you are fed up with it

If you are done with bad relationship

If your memories torment you

If you worry what people think or say about you

If you are ready to ditch the bullshit from your life, and your mind

If you ready to invest in yourself

BS Buster™ 8 Rules

Life long tool to cut through the bullshit of an anxious mind

Start Small.

Practice when the stakes are low.

Nail down travail thing first.

Because how you do one thing, that how you do EVERYTHING.


1.    Do what you want to do


2.     Get rid of all should's


3.    No bitching. Take it or leave it

4.    No assumptions


5.    Ditch the blame. Start with " I "


6.    Kill all the excuses


7.    Be blunt, clear and be polite. 


8.    Step in the drivers seat. You bought the car. Drive it

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Why Me?
  • My goal is to train the Brain and Mind to stop an anxious-driven behavioral and mental noise.

  • I use two fold system. NeuroFeedBack for the Brain and Breakthrough System for the Mind.        

  • Brain (an organ)  is like the master key control center for our mind and body. It surely dictates what we think,  how we act, what patterns we run, weather or not we are tense, our heart rate, flow of hormones and myriad of other paramount body functions that affect our perception, memory, information processing ability, performance, emotions and physiology.

  • The Breakthrough System helps to overcome your problem and  allows us to guaranty your result in writing.


Why Hypnosis? 


It is the safe, effective, relaxing and peaceful way to create a lasting change. Hypnosis has helped millions of people to get to the happy and healthy lives. Hypnosis is power. The power that you can use to rebuild your life and your inner world. 


Hypnosis is the oldest and most holistic way of healing that is known to us. It is the safe, pleasant and effective way of getting a change.