Hey, I am Kate


Often I wonder how I survived to make it to 30 and then become a totally different person.

Raised in Eastern Europe, and immigrated to Canada, my early life of turmoil and struggling to survive, coupled with a hell of immigration process leading to depression, and illness while battling post-traumatic stress disorder. 


“You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows

to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”
                                                                           ― Shaun Hick

One day I woke up and made the decision that I didn't want to live in stress, worry, and fear of being crippled emotionally and physically.  I chose to invest time, money and energy into me. 

...Less stressed more relaxed,

less anxiety more calmness,

less worry more awareness,

less control more love ...

The long story short, I have made it.  I have done most incredible and "impossible" things one can imagine.

I can tell you if i could do it, so can you!

To improve is to change;

to be perfect is to change often.

                                   - W. Churchill

After the first two days at the training I let go of anger i hold towards one specific person. That blow my mind.

Down the road, just a little way, I cleared my sorrow, pity, my crappy beliefs and anxious behavior. I stopped doing self-bitching, self-abusing and destroying the good stuff I had.

Progress is impossible without change.

Those who cant change their minds,

can not change anything.

                                                - B. Shaw


If you are here, chances are you are experiencing some, or all of these issues. I welcome you, and congratulate you for taking the first step toward success and the meaningful change you crave!

I work with

-    women who are fearless to make a change in themselves

-    women who are frustrated and anxious with their kids, husband or boyfriend

-    women who feel that if she doesn't change today, tomorrow ‘s sky will fall

-     women who is ready to invest in herself

No more excuses, reasons, justifications and

other people’s logical conclusions.

...and there is no later.



-    balance and control emotions so you can dance with all the crap and still feel powerful  and productive

-    guide and lead your kid in the most successful way, be the kick-ass role model

-    feel the peace of mind, be relaxed and calm. Practical tools of managing your state anywhere.

If I could do it, so can you.

BS Busters 10 Rules

The BS Buster’s™  10 Commandments will:

Life long tool to cut thought bullshit of anxious mind

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