Brain Training or Neurofeedback 

If your brain were a car, intelligence would be the horsepower of the motor. You can have a 400-horsepower engine, but if your transmission only has first gear, you can’t take it out on the highway. Transmission is related to the working range of rpm—the level of energy.

A brain that is stuck first gear—lots of power but very slow speeds. A brain that is stuck in 4th or 5th gear – cant stop.  It is great at highway speeds, but it’s almost Impossible to get it out of the parking place.

You may have a great deal of intelligence capacity in your brain, but without a full, smoothly-integrated transmission, you can’t show it in certain situations. Learning to idle your brain—to be still in the resting-ready state—helps you keep from burning up the engine  down and saves a lot of fuel. Learning to shift to the right gear keeps the working speeds in a range that are most efficient and effective.

That’s what the brain training is all about.

(story told by Peter Van Deusen


You -  is your physical BRAIN interacting with the world around you.  

Your consciousness is a brain in action. 

Your Brain is where mind and body comes together. 

Neurofeedback relieving about 150 varied issues with 80% success rate with the life time result.

What I can help you with:

  • anxious behaviors, 

  • emotional health and intelligence 

  • poor memory

  • poor focus, lack of attention, 

  • losing control over yourself,

  • Stress, anger, ADD and ADHD

  • inability to relax and sit still

  • low performances and many others…

Neurofeedback is a mind-body mirror. Brain self-awareness with the clients specific goal trains it to obtain a self-control.

With enough repetitions it becomes conditioned to self-regulatory system. It comes without any effort. After all, your car drives better on all highways after an engine and transmitting were tuned up.



Meditation used to be the only on away to change your brain. 
While meditation is powerful it takes a decades of practice to get to the desired result.
Today the Neurofeedback technology allows us
to change the brain patterns in a matter of months. 

How the training is done? 


The electrodes that are  placed on our scalp picks up the signals from the brain and send them to the computer, where software interprets the data.


Brain training software is told what specific changes you want to make in your brain behavior. It sets targets and provides you with a visual, or auditory feedback. Your brain does the rest of the self training. You are always in control of you! 

Think of a stop sign, when you just started driving, you were learning to stop at the stop sign. Now you do it unconsciously.
You got your brain to respond to the stimulus with the  desired behavior.  


Where do we Start: 


- We do an assessment, also known as brain mapping first 

- based on the results and the clients report we craft an individual “whole brain training” schedule 

- start sessions 

- enjoy