Published on Oct 16th 2017

You are not waiting for years. It shocks me when people say it takes too long to change. Let say you come to the doctor with temperature. Doctors tell you we will decrease a temreture one fraction of the degree at a time. In a 5  years expect to be back to normal. No, temperature drops momentarily after the right treatment.

How do you change your habit?

It is the same as you skiing somewhere high in the mountains. You can see the slop extending all the way down to the valley. That is the slop that you have been taking for ever. If you go down that slop it will arrive at the same valley. If you ever decide to diverge from the slop that you are accustomed to and will start forming you own slop,  that will lead you to stepping on the verge of a new life. The slop is your nervous system or say your neurological connections. If one keeps on holding on old patterns and habits that person will never be able to change its life. I can guide you to the proven steps that you will allow you to go down that slop. But you are going to be the one who are going to be going down the slop. This is your journey.