Why Hypnosis? 


It is the safe, effective, relaxing and peaceful way to create a lasting change. Hypnosis has helped millions of people to get to the happy and healthy lives. Hypnosis is power. The power that you can use to rebuild your life and your inner world. 


Hypnosis is the oldest and most holistic way of healing that is known to us. It is the safe, pleasant and effective way of getting a change. 

Some people still treat hypnosis as some sort of mysticism and, as portrayed by Hollywood, the way of manipulation others.

Thanks to people like Milton Erikson, Al Krasner, and others, hypnosis where not only taken from the shade of evil but also making a great strides towards establishing the fields of hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a faculty of science.  

Thought scientific studies, clinical applications and combined experiences of the influencer of the field, hypnosis becomes a procedure, a technics that produce a measurable and a lasting result. 

How Does It Work?

You are in the various hypnotic trance all day long. My job is the put in the state where your conscious mind is not guarding your subconcious mind. Your subconscious mind is your warehouse of treasures. Sometimes fake or limiting belief will snick in and like a virus will contaminate everything there with the belief. That is when you feel our self not good enough an that is when you will destroy your relationships. Our task is to offer powerful suggestions, have them accepted and your subconscious mind will do the change.  Have you ever stop believing in anything? Just like that!