Published on May 14th 2018

Last year, I went to Iceland. One of the landmarks I wanted to visit was the ocean shore with the gorgeous volcanic black sand. 
So there I was with my son, husband, and friends, facing the vast steppe landscape without a horizon. 

Something told me that not seeing the final destination was wrong. I knew better so I moved on.   

For the first thirty minutes of walking, it was fun. After an hour, I was kind of concerned. 


The last drop was the debris of the aircraft and I thought “chez, someone didn't make it, should I just go back and give up?" 

The thought of giving up scared crap out of me. My mind was racing for the solution. I approached another tourist and I ask for help and guidance. I found out  we were on the wrong path.

It took me another hour and a half to get back to our van and craft another plan. 

The next morning, I took the different road and in no time I reach the Atlantic Shore with its glorious black sand surrounded by mountains. After all, it is a volcanic sand. 

Funny enough, that crazy long walk in the middle of nowhere, was the most fun and memorable experience only because I said “Ok, shit happeds, what next? Are we having fun or setting a crazy camp out here?”

It doesn't matter how you started off at anything. Course corrected along the way and move on. As long as you are moving you will get there. Have fun!