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In the morning they (the doctors) would conduct autopsies and and then in the afternoon they would go and deliver babies and finish their rounds. In the mid 1800s Dr Oliver Wendel Holmes realized that all of those doctors who were conducting autopsies in the morning were not washing their hands before they delivered babies in the afternoon. And he pointed out and said “”guys YOU are the problem.”

They ignored him and called him crazy for 30 years until finally somebody realized, that if they simply wash their hands the problem would go away. That’s exactly what happened. When they started steps to sterilizing their instruments and washing their hands the black death of a childbirth disappeared. Point is:

(Story told by Simon Sinek in a speech)

Most of the time -  YOU are the problem. 


Our kids are our mirror. If a child is disturbing, easily irritated, tense  and restless, then, most likely, the problem is within us, not the child.   

Until you bring your head space into order, you will not enable your child to be resilient,  and emotionally intelligent. There is no later. We have only NOW.


Parents are a window into the new world the child had never seen.  Parents are the lens through which children learn and evaluate the world around them.

The words you say to your kids aren’t really understood fully, but emotions, attitude and your actions are sensed, noted, and taken as the norm.


Some Bold Facts:

  • Two out of three consultations with the psychologist about kids, end up being a consultation to the moms. After working with mom, the issues about their kids dissipates.

  • Women who receive antidepressants to cope with stress involving their child’s behavior  report that their kids behavior improved noticeably with no other change taking place

  • Study shows that for proper development children need love and attention more then early reading or math. 

  • Many of us are absolutely certain that kids needs more discipline, and more activities to keep them from acting out. Wrong. Kids need happy and emotionally stable parents. Only then, can they learn that life is beautiful and happy. A bump in the road is not the end of the world but a new puzzle to solve.


Lucky parents who have fine children usually

have lucky children who have fine parents.

-James A. Brewer


If you are experiencing
• the state of gloom, 
• inferiority complex, 
• stress, 
• anxiety, 
• tiredness 
• emotional roller coaster
• agitation 

It is not the norm. 
It is not because you have always been like that. 
It is not because your child makes you feel so. 
It is not because the people, or life makes you so. 

Drop the BS story
It is your thinking and your mindset that makes you feel and be like that. 

Our Course Design:

• to take you from desperation and anxiety to an awareness  of what is really going on in your world. 
• you will get the tools to work with and solve your own problems
• you get powerful tools to work your child and those around you
• you will become an Uber Mom™ who will raise confident, content and unstoppable children
• Professional Development Designations Course
• Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis


Do the difficult things while they are easy and

do the great things while they are small.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
- Lao Tzu


By Kate Katkova Coaching and Training Institute 

6 Day Course (48 hours) 
with Professional Designation 

Investment CAN $3,800 
(Payment Plan Available) 

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