Work with me

I am the most straightforward and no BS coach

dedicated to helping you drop your anxiety and worry.

Together we will quiet the crazy in your world.




There is absolutely no reason to live with the anxiety and worry.

It is painful, unacceptable and it destroys relationships.


Are you...


  • Someone who feels frustrated and anxious with your child’s or partner’s behavior and personality


  • Someone who promised herself not to get emotional, and over reactive… and blows it every time


  • Someone who has done everything right and you are wondering “How the hell did I get HERE”!


I was all of those three people.

Where do you start?


-    Your Mind. Full Stop.

People say I have changed a lot.

 I look content, calm and easy.

The same people ask me,“What did you do?”

First, I dropped my BS story. I changed my thinking, and habits.

it changed a hell of a lot in my world.


  •  My child’s behavior improved tremendously

  •  I stopped at least three of my most destructive habits

  • I made a peace with my family members, some friends and most importantly with myself.

It feels incredibly awesome.

If I could do that, so can you, can you not?